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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spring Gobbler Scouting in Virginia (Blog 288)

Yesterday, friend Doak Harbison and I spent a marvelous morning scouting for turkeys in Franklin County, Virginia.  We heard at least a dozen different gobblers, probably closer to 15, as well as numerous hens.  Of course, all that cacophony of sound may not translate into success on April 9, but still the turkey talk was impressive.

What was also a thrill for me was hearing numerous species of songbirds.  I heard my first pine warblers, Louisiana waterthrush, chipping sparrows, and hooded warblers of the season. But the best bird of the day is what Doak and I thought might have been a rough-legged hawk, though we were not totally convinced.

We will be hunting at this Franklin County farm on opening day.

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