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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Working to Renew a Former Trout Stream (Blog 287)

Last weekend, I continued working to reinvigorate a former trout stream that flows through my 94-acre parcel in Monroe County, West Virginia. After school let out for the day, I drove the 56 miles to the land and planted 20 trees, 10 each of sycamores and silky dogwoods.

This part of the creek formerly suffered damage from livestock-caused erosion, and the banks have been worn down in a number of places.  It is at those places where I planted the trees.

One learns something about a particular piece of land almost everytime the property is visited.  On this occasion, I found where a small spring dribbled into my creek - a fount that I have never noticed before.  Hopefully that spring, and the improvements I've done and will do, will one day result in trout being restored there.

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