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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Summer's Bounty (Blog 200)

Today for lunch, Elaine and I sat down for a meal that came almost entirely from what I had killed or we had grown.  On the menu were the following: deer burgers with tomato slices from the garden, new potatoes and chives from the garden, and yellow squash seasoned with onions.

Interestingly, I am working on an article right now of how to be a locavore, so our mid-day repast fit in well with that story.  It is always a great pleasure to eat something I have pursued or grown, and I feel it is a healthy way to live, too.

Elaine is a marvelous cook, and her talents in the kitchen are why we have cooking columns with Whitetail Times and the Quality Deer Management Association. I am sure she will create something equally tasty for lunch on Sunday.  I am also thinking that blackberry waffles might be a good dinnertime repast on Sunday.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Brooding Chicks (Blog 199)

Elaine and I have tried twice this summer to raise chicks inside a brooder and have failed spectacularly both times.  The first time in June we placed 13 eggs in a brooder and not one of the hatched and only one developed to a certain degree but did not even pip.  Two others apparently developed for a few days then stopped inside the shell.

We waited a week or so and collected eight eggs.  Seven of the eggs did not develop at all. One egg did develop, and we are waiting to see if the chick that was inside will survive.  We don't expect it to survive the night.

We followed the advice on the brooder and turned the eggs when they were supposed to be turned.  We would appreciate advice from readers of our blog.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Book Signings and Fishing Trips (Blog 198)

I have just finished what I have long known would be the busiest of the summer.  Monday, I gave a talk and book signing for the Warren County Chapter of the Izaak Walton League (picture below); Tuesday  I went fishing on the South Fork of the Shenandoah with Shenandoah River Outfitters and interviewed artist Bruce Dellinger for an article for TURKEY COUNTRY.

Wednesday, Elaine and I drove to the South Branch of the Potomac, visiting every library along the way to see if they wanted to purchase my new book on the Potomac River.  Thursday, I went fishing on the South Branch of the Potomac with Eagle's Nest Outfitters, and Friday I wrote almost all day it seemed.  Saturday I went fishing with Rock on Charters on the New River.

I am absolutely exhausted and have more writing to do today, plus mow the lawn, pick berries, and try to spend some time with Elaine.  Plus, I have to go to class online for the class I am taking for recertification.  I am swamped.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Wild Trout Fishing in the Virginia Mountains with my Wife Elaine (Blog 197)

Elaine and I decided to go off into the mountains to fish for wild trout for the July 4 Holiday.  Even though Elaine has recovered extremely well from her breast cancer and chemotherapy from five years ago, she still becomes tired easily.  So we decided just to drive to the end of a forest road and wade fish for maybe 75 yards up a Virginia mountain.

I was gathering anecdotes for a magazine article, so I won't go into details on fish caught, flies used, and that sort of thing.  We only fished for about 90 minutes when I decided that Elaine was growing tired, so I announced that we were going home.

When we arrived home, Elaine started to apologize about her being the reason we stayed such a short time.  That is typical of how sweet she is, always thinking of me and my passion for fishing.  But I told her, and I meant this very sincerely, that the short little excursion with her was by far my best and most enjoyable fishing trip of the year. That I was just so happy to be with her and doing anything.

We have been married for 36 years now, and she is still the most fascinating person I know to talk to. I love her so much.  The picture below shows Elaine gearing up for out outing.