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Friday, July 4, 2014

Wild Trout Fishing in the Virginia Mountains with my Wife Elaine (Blog 197)

Elaine and I decided to go off into the mountains to fish for wild trout for the July 4 Holiday.  Even though Elaine has recovered extremely well from her breast cancer and chemotherapy from five years ago, she still becomes tired easily.  So we decided just to drive to the end of a forest road and wade fish for maybe 75 yards up a Virginia mountain.

I was gathering anecdotes for a magazine article, so I won't go into details on fish caught, flies used, and that sort of thing.  We only fished for about 90 minutes when I decided that Elaine was growing tired, so I announced that we were going home.

When we arrived home, Elaine started to apologize about her being the reason we stayed such a short time.  That is typical of how sweet she is, always thinking of me and my passion for fishing.  But I told her, and I meant this very sincerely, that the short little excursion with her was by far my best and most enjoyable fishing trip of the year. That I was just so happy to be with her and doing anything.

We have been married for 36 years now, and she is still the most fascinating person I know to talk to. I love her so much.  The picture below shows Elaine gearing up for out outing.

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