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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Summer's Bounty (Blog 200)

Today for lunch, Elaine and I sat down for a meal that came almost entirely from what I had killed or we had grown.  On the menu were the following: deer burgers with tomato slices from the garden, new potatoes and chives from the garden, and yellow squash seasoned with onions.

Interestingly, I am working on an article right now of how to be a locavore, so our mid-day repast fit in well with that story.  It is always a great pleasure to eat something I have pursued or grown, and I feel it is a healthy way to live, too.

Elaine is a marvelous cook, and her talents in the kitchen are why we have cooking columns with Whitetail Times and the Quality Deer Management Association. I am sure she will create something equally tasty for lunch on Sunday.  I am also thinking that blackberry waffles might be a good dinnertime repast on Sunday.

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