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Friday, March 4, 2016

Rhode Island Red Chicks Arrive (Post 284)

Wednesday our heritage Rhode Island Red chicks arrived from Dick Horstman, a well-known breeder of birds from Pennsylvania.  We also ordered chicks for two friends, Bryce Clingenpeel and Zach Kyle who will be raising heritage birds for the first time.

The plan is for us to periodically exchange hens so as to inject new genes into the mix.  It is always exciting to greet two-day-old chicks, but this is especially true when the birds are heritage ones.

Elaine has done a superlative job helping our young charges feel at home, assiduously setting up their brooder and making sure that clean water and food are always present.  Many times every day we go downstairs to the brooder and talk to our birds so that they can become accustomed to us.

All in all, it has been a good week on the chicken front.  Our three heritage Rhode Island Red pullets, that arrived from Horstman last year, had a fantastic week of egg production - their best yet by far.

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