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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Tomorrow is Virginia's Last Day of Squirrel Season (Blog 283)

Monday when I arrive home from school, I am going out my backdoor and hunt for squirrels as it is the final day of the bushytail season.  The ending of the season will be little noticed by many state hunters, but I really enjoy walking through the woods on a winter day and pursuing squirrels.

I really don't care if I kill one or not, it is just being out in the woods with a shotgun that is pleasurable to me.  A hollow sycamore is where I plan to take a stand as the creatures should be emerging from the hardwood about 5:00.  Then the action should be really good until dark.

But, then again, I may not see any, as it won't be the last time that I have guessed wrong about squirrels and their peculiarities.  We'll see how things go and whether Elaine will be making a squirrel casserole this week.

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