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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Elaine Returns Home from Her Cruise (Blog 281)

Elaine came home yesterday evening from her week-long cruise to the Virgin Islands, and I was thrilled to see her again.  Given that we couldn't even talk to each other because of the distance, it was the longest we have been apart in our nearly 38 years of marriage.

Elaine regaled me with stories of seeing Broadway shows and eating lobster tail for dinner, and the sheer majesty of her cruise ship.  I told her how many eggs the chickens had laid while she was gone, how the pot holes on our rural road were finally filled, and how I had cut firewood in advance of a snow.

She once told me that as a girl growing up, she always thought that she would marry some professional man, like a lawyer, doctor, or businessman, and live in the suburbs.  "Instead," she said, "I'm living out in the woods with nature boy."  There was a long pause, and she added, "And I'm very glad that I am."

Welcome home, sweetheart.

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