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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Wildlife Sign in Snow (Block 282)

Just enough snow blanketed our Botetourt County, Virginia land this Saturday morning for me to go on a wildlife sign expedition before higher temperatures melted what was left of the five inches that fell on Monday. I had only walked a few steps into the woods when I found racoon tracks and only a few more steps showed where several deer had passed by.

When I arrived at the seeded logging road that runs the perimeter of most of our place, I found even more tracks.  An entire flock of turkeys had ambled down the pathway as had numerous whitetails.  I also located coyote scat, squirrel tracks, and where an opossum had been.

It's true that nothing usual had come by, but I still immensely enjoyed the experience.  I can only hope the turkeys will still be here when spring gobbler season arrives.

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