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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Living the Locavore Lifestyle Book Comes Out (Blog 285)

Elaine's and my new book, Living the Locavore Lifestyle, has just come out.  It's about how by hunting and fishing for food, as well as gathering wild berries, mushrooms, and nuts, planting a garden, raising chickens and fruit trees, and buying locally grown produce and meats, people can lead a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

For the book, Elaine wrote most of the recipes while I interviewed folks from the Quality Deer Management Association, National Wild Turkey Federation, and guides and fishermen like Britt Stoudenmire, Herschel Finch, and Richard Furman, well-
known outdoors people such as Jim and Sherry Crumley, as well as expert small game hunters such as Jay Honse and Jerry Paitsel.

If folks are interested in signed, dedicated copies, they can send a check for $17.50 to us at 1009 Brunswick Forge Road, Troutville, VA 24175.  That amount covers taxes and shipping.

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