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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Saturday Morning in the Virginia Turkey Woods (Blog 290)

After tagging out in Virginia last Sunday, I looked forward all week to not toting a shotgun and taking friend Doak Harbison back to the same Franklin County farm - and woodlot - where I found three gobblers sounding off, one of which ended up riding home with me.

I promised Doak that we would at least have two toms rumbling in the pre-dawn, instead we heard nine separate toms gobbling.  For over an hour, the toms entertained us, as did numerous hens.  We estimated that were over 20 turkeys within 200 yards of us.

With all that cacophony, I opted to stay put until 8:30, but it was evident at that time that the turkeys had deserted us.  We moved deeper into the forest and heard two more gobblers, both of which came partially in over the course of the next 80 minutes or so but would not fully commit.

Although we never actually saw a turkey, the morning was still an interesting one as I heard my first prairie warbler and ovenbird of the year.  Now, I am looking forward to heading for West Virginia next Saturday.

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