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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Raspberries are Ripe (Blog 247)

I relish my time outside whether it is fishing, hunting, or, this time of year, when the wild berry season begins.  This morning, I picked a quart of wild raspberries, stopping at five patches along a two-mile route of rural road in Botetourt County, Virginia.
There is a pleasing rhythm of the berry season, which starts with raspberries in June, blackberries, dewberries and wineberries in July, summer grapes in late August or early September, then with cherries and hackberries coming in later that month.

Paw paws are ripe in late September or early October, then persimmons are the last to ripen, doing so sometime in late October or early to mid November.  There have been years, like last year, when Elaine and I picked persimmons in December for bread and cookies. Tomorrow, I am going to see if I can prevail upon my wife to make raspberry muffins.

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