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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Celebrating Our 37th Anniversary: Babysitting the Grandkids (Blog 246)

Last night, Elaine and I babysat our two grandsons, Sam and Eli, at our daughter Sarah's and her husband David's house.  It was their ninth anniversary and our 37th one. After dinner, my evening was spent playing toy trains (three-year-old Sam is a fan of Thomas and his friends) and putting together a puzzle of a very happy chimp.  Elaine entertained one-year-old Eli who was crawling about.

Then it was time to brush Sam's teeth and prepare him for bed.  First it was designated "Sam Time," which he decided would be spent putting together Mr. Potato Head, then it was time for stories, which was another saga of Thomas and his train adventures.

When David and Sarah arrived home, I remarked that Elaine and I met 41 years ago this week at Camp Easter Seal where we were both employees at the summer camp, and here we were all these years later babysitting our grandchildren on our anniversary.  And David quipped, "That would not have been a great pickup line. 'Go out with me, and 41 years later we'll be babysitting our grandchildren on our anniversary.'"

It's true that such a line probably would not have impressed Elaine, but she has made my life wonderful.

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