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Monday, December 20, 2010

Everything But The Cluck (Blog Twelve)

A saying exists among those who raise pigs that people "can eat everything but the oink." For those of us who pursue turkeys, it could be said that we "use everything but the cluck."

This past Thursday, the Botetourt County school system where I teach cancelled classes because of a snow/sleet event.  As a fanatical turkey hunter, this was my opportunity to go hunting.  I was fortunate enough to kill one that morning and later my son Mark and I field dressed the bird.

We removed the breasts to grill later, the legs to turn into soup, and the neck for a future salad.  We examined the crop to find out what the bird had been eating, which included seeds and leafy vegetation.  We removed the wings so that my turkey hunting mentor, Larry Proffitt of Tennessee, could make the wing bones into turkey calls.  Larry and I hunt Northeast Tennessee every spring, and I will bring him the wings then.

All that was left of the bird was its "trunk" and feathers, and when a few days later I returned to where we worked up the bird all that remained were the feathers.  A creature or creatures (most likely
 from a list that would include raccoons, opossums, skunks, coyotes, and bears) had paid a visit.

Later that day, Elaine fixed wild turkey leg soup - a very satisfying end to a wonderful day.

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