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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Deer Kidney Pot Pie, Anyone? (Blog 262)

While hunting behind our Botetourt County, Virginia home this morning, I was fortunate enough to kill a mature doe with my Parker Thunderhawk Crossbow.  After dragging the doe back to the house, I asked Elaine, as usual, to help a little with the field dressing chores.

Also, as usual, I cut out the heart and tongue (both delicacies as far as I am concerned) and Elaine took them to the kitchen to clean and freeze for later use.  As I was working on the bottom loins, I asked my sweetheart if she would mind making some kidney pot pie like the British do.

Elaine said she would make the entree, but I would have to eat it all myself the first time. We would appreciate any advice from folks who have prepared kidneys.


  1. No suggestions for kidney pot pie, but I'm curious how you prepare deer tongue. I've tried and enjoyed the heart but never the tongue. I'm intrigued!

    1. Alex,

      Google up the QDMA website and deer tongue, plus my name. You will get a recipe. I love deer tongue in a salad and also as part of a sandwich...Bruce