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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Saturday No. 2 of Urban Archery Season (Blog 207)

Today was the second Saturday of Virginia's Urban Archery season, and the second day I've gone deer hunting.  I was unable to bowhunt all week with a heavy work load from school, plus meetings, and magazine work as well.  So I had looked forward to going afield on Saturday.

However, I awoke to rain falling, and not liking to bowhunt in the rain because of the difficulty of following a blood trail when precipitation is occurring and the danger inherent in climbing a tree in the rain and dark, I decided to stay home and write.

I have this theory that deer move immediately after a prolonged rain stops, but the rain stopped around noon, and I was unprepared to leave for a stand then.  When I did climb into a stand around 4:45, I had this feeling that the deer would not move again until after dark.

Which turned out to be true, at least no whitetails meandered by my stand before I climbed down at sunset.  Next Saturday, I am going to hunt on a flat that has trees dropping acorns.  I feel better about my chances - providing the wind is right.

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