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Friday, August 8, 2014

Copperhead in Front Yard (Blog 202)

Yesterday evening after school, I was cleaning out the hen house of our Rhode Island Reds.  I had placed our birds in the chicken tractor that rests next to the sidewalk, so that they could feed on any vegetation or insects they encountered.

As I began walking up the sidewalk toward the tractor, the chickens began emitting their alarm call, and I noticed that a copperhead was sunning itself on the edge of the sidewalk.  Our chickens have not had a good summer predator-wise, from a bear attaching the run to a stray cat stalking the perimeter.  For that matter, our birds become alarmed when deer wander into the backyard.

I don't like killing snakes or copperheads.  On a number of times since we have lived in our Botetourt County, Virginia home, I have observed copperheads and let them go on their way.  They are a beautiful reptile that feeds mostly on mice and insects.

But our grandson Sam had earlier yesterday been playing on the sidewalk, and I just can't risk him being bitten, especially since he is only 26 months old.  So I took a shovel and dispatched the copperhead.  I felt very sad after doing so, but I felt I had no choice.

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