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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Story on Elaine and Casting for Recovery (Blog One-hundred-eight)

In the November/December issue of AMERICAN ANGLER, which has just come out, I have  the Waterlines column for that issue, "She Still Can't Cast." The editors gave the story a subhead of "A story of true love and trout fishing."

The story is about my wonderful wife Elaine, how we met, began dating, and fell in love, her battle with breast cancer, and how Casting for Recovery (CFR) helped her in the healing process.

It's hard to write about one's own writing, but, in all humility, I cannot write any better than this.  When I finished the story, I cried.  When AMERICAN ANGLER accepted the story and I told Elaine about it, she wanted to immediately read the story.  I told her she would have to wait until the story came out, which happened this week.

So when the magazine arrived on Tuesday, Elaine quickly read the story about her, and she too began crying and then said, "That was very sweet of you."

If you have a chance, pick up a copy of AMERICAN ANGLER, and if you are unfamiliar with CFR, please go to its  (Photo by Brad Marlow)


  1. Bruce

    The article was truly beautiful writing. Robin and I both very much enjoyed reading it. I read it first and then gave it to Robin to read. I heard Robin laugh out loud a couple of times as she was reading about your courting Elaine. Then I heard her sighs as she read the last few paragraphs. It touched both of us. You have no need to thank me for mentioning CFR. You have done a whole lot to bring attention to CFR and the fine work being done by them. Your articles have brought much positive attention to CFR. For that I am the one who is thankful.

    You married a “keeper” my friend. We both did.

    Keep up the fine writing. Let me know if I can be of service to you or a fishing partner for an article in the future.

    Give Elaine my best.

    God Bless and Tight Lines

    Anthony Hipps