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Saturday, August 25, 2012

My 100th Blog (Blog One Hundred)

When I started writing a weekly blog nearly two years ago, I began numbering the entries, a habit I have  maintained.  Although I don't have anything earth shatteringly profound to comment on today as part of blog one hundred, I would like to return to a common theme on this site - my passion for the outdoors.

This morning when I took my daily walk of three miles, which is both great exercise and a source of daily renewal, I found, like most mornings, sublime pleasure in observing nature.  This morning, I let out the chickens before I left home, so dawn had already broken.  Still, I heard two screech owls taking the opportunity to utter their piercing screams at each other before going to roost for the day.

Next, I came across two wide-eyed fawns, which couldn't quite decide whether to stare at me, stomp one of their front feet at me, or flee.  Finally, their mother arrived and they followed her lead - they fled.

Another 80 yards or so of walking brought me to a field where 19 turkeys were searching for various insects and the odd wild seed or plant.  I noted two adult turkeys and 17 young, although it is becoming harder and harder to determine which flock member is a young bird and which is the flock hen.  Soon there will be no telling apart  by size.

I then flushed a dove off the road, reminding me that dove season will be here in a week and then heard several gray squirrels barking at each other.  In squirrel language, each was probably proclaiming that this particular stand of mockernut hickories was off limits to the other - a warning unlikely to be heeded.

When I arrived back home, it was time to work on a magazine article.  I would have loved to have lingered outside longer, this being a Saturday, but the Lyme disease that I am currently battling has stolen a lot of my energy.  Hopefully, I will be back to normal in a month or so.

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