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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Casting for Recovery (Blog Ninety-six)

We live to support Casting for Recovery, a national organization helping women recover from breast cancer, every chance that we have.  Recently we received this e-mail from Mollie Simpkins, a volunteer for CFR and decided to use Mollie's comments in this week's blog.

Dear Friend of CFR,

It has taken over a year, but an article that has been in the works has finally been published in Virginia Wildlife Magazine....HOORAY!

For the participants, River Helpers, and staff who were part of the 2011 Virginia Retreat will remember Bruce and his wife Elaine lurking quietly..and not so much at times.. asking you to take off your hat or to hold the fish just so.  I remember the day vividly for various reasons. 

One thing that Bruce does allude to was his wife's diagnosis with breast cancer and how CFR 'revitalized' her.  With that Bruce did an absolutely spectacular job in capturing the essence and spirit of Casting for Recovery and the purpose of the retreats.
You have been included in this email because you are one of our many wonderful supporters and/or volunteers or one of the over 300 amazing women who have attended a Casting for Recovery Retreat in the Mid-Atlantic.  As the program continues to grow in many ways, we recognize that we would not be successful if not for the selflessness of our volunteers and the many women, who after attending a retreat, return to be part of the program.  With that, we all thank you so very much for your continued support.

I urge you to share this article with anyone and everyone who might just need a feel good story.  Virginia Wildlife Magazine - Casting for Recovery

Also..if you know of a women who has or has had breast cancer and lives in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, or Washington, DC. and you feel as though she could benefit from attending a no cost Casting for Recovery retreat, we are taking applications for the Maryland retreat through August 3rd. The retreat itself will be held in Flintstone and Hagerstown, Maryland October 12-14.  She can apply

Again..thank you for your part in CFR..large or small..we truly could not continue the work without your support.


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