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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Chickens, Part II (Blog Twenty-one)

Saturday, Elaine and I finished building some 80 percent of our chicken run.  The weekend before we had dug holes then set the posts in concrete.  Our primary activity yesterday was to position the aptly named "chicken wire" around those posts and to attach the wire.

Our next goal will be to make a door that will obviously serve as the coop's entrance, attach that door to a post, and finish positioning the chicken wire.  The next project will be more difficult - building the coop.

Elaine has long made fun of me for not being handy with tools, and the truth is that I am not.  Both of our fathers were very handy around their respective houses, and it has always been apparent to her that tool handiness is not something that genetically can be passed down - at least in my family.

Our daughter Sarah's husband, David, is an engineer, and he not only can read and make plans (both of which I seem incapable of) but carry them out as well. One of the reasons that I wanted to undertake the "chicken project" as we are now calling it, is so that I could develop some handyman skills.

Meanwhile, we are scheduled to receive 10 Rhode Island Red chicks the first week of May.  I had better become adept at coop building in a hurry.

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