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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wild Game (Blog Sixteen)

Over the weekend, a friend of mine brought several packages of meat from a bruin he had killed this past fall. So for lunch on Sunday, Elaine and I invited our daughter Sarah and her husband David over for a wild game meal.  The highlight for me was the quesadilla stuffed with cheese, red peppers, onions, and roast cuts from the aforementioned bear and a deer I had killed.

For my next school day  lunch, I dined on a bear roast sandwich, and that night Elaine and I supped on deer burgers.  My wife also announced that later in the week we would have squirrel casserole  All of this caused me to ponder how many other folks in the general area were consuming similar wild game themed meals - probably not many.

That's a shame because wild game, especially meat from such animals as wild turkeys, deer, grouse, and quail, is high in protein, low in calories, and chock full of beneficial minerals.  A diet consisting of wild game and fish, fruits and vegetables, and cereal grains is extremely healthy.

I'm not trying to be preachy, but in a country that is experiencing a nationwide obesity epidemic where even many young children are dangerously overweight, there needs to be a change in our collective eating habits.  Both young and old folks would be better off health wise with exercising more, participating in outdoor recreation (from fishing and hunting to walking, hiking, and biking) and eating leaner meat such as that which comes from fish and game. 

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  1. Mr. Ingram,

    I have to agree that there needs a be a change in our society's dieting habits. However, I was not a believer of eating wild game until my boyfriend, Jerrod, introduced me to deer meat. Ever since that first bite, my eyes have been opened to the new world of hunting for hunger. I'm looking forward to furture reading of your blog and working with you.

    Jessica Sheaffer