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Monday, November 1, 2010

Before Sunrise (Blog Five)

This morning I went muzzleload hunting before school.  Sometimes I find it hard to explain to non-hunters how much I enjoy arising at 4:30, eating breakfast, leaving home at 5:30, and arriving in the woods around 6:15.  Then spending another hour waiting for the sun to emit enough light so that I can possibly see a deer approaching.

Under an ebony sky, I thoroughly relished the opportunity to lie on my back and view the moon, stars, and planes.  I picked out Mars and the Big Dipper and around 6:30, a jet flew low over the mountain.  I remember thinking what would be the reaction of a primitive human from eons ago if he saw a light streaking across the heavens like the jet was doing.  Surely, he would have thought that his deity or deities were either very angry or coming to visit him.

At 7:18, there was finally enough light for me to shoot if a deer approached...but none did.  At 8:00 A.M., it was time to leave for school.  No success in hunting, but a grand morning, as always, to be outside.

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